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  • Know someone with alcohol problems? This new compilation of resources may be timely.

    New NIAAA resource gives guidance on treatment options for alcohol problems | National Institute...
    Publication includes information on effective but underutilized approaches A new resource from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will help individuals and families understand available treatment options for alcohol problems. Developed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism...

    November 20th 2014Link to status update

  • Study: Having just one drink doubles your risk of going to the E.R.
    On a per-drink basis, women are at a much higher risk of alcohol-related injury than men.

    November 14th 2014Link to status update
  • CPASA salutes our many members who have served in our Armed Forces, and all of the Veterans in our communities, who have stepped up - often at great personal cost - to protect the freedoms we enjoy under our Constitution. THANK YOU for your service!

    November 11th 2014Link to status update
  • It is sad that this had to be invoked...but it could be a strong prevention tool.

    Lawsuit: Drinking Four Loko got my son shot by police
    The brewers of Four Loko, a powerful, caffeinated alcoholic beverage that was marketed to young drinkers, can be sued by the father of a college athlete who started acting erratically after downing two cans and was shot to death by police on his porch, a state appeals court ruled Thursday. Ron Fiori...

    November 10th 2014Link to status update